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Let your dogs be the deciding factor and try the product for no charge. Contact us for more information at info@rawdogfeed.com.

We offer pick up at our location 20 km north of Kingston at 4996 Battersea Road. We are open Monday to Friday 8:00 am until 12 noon and 1 pm until 5 pm, Saturday 8:00 am until 10 am. We are closed Sundays and all statutory holidays. Our feed is available at several retail locations. Please email or call to place an order or get more information.



Frequently Asked Questions about Raw Dog Feed

How much should I feed my dog?

We recommend feeding 3% of body weight per day. Puppies may need a little more while seniors may take a little less.

Is your mix a complete diet?

We believe that our mix is a complete diet, however, many customers report adding more to it. People add such things as dry dog food, grain, vegetables or fruit and supplements.

Do you offer delivery service?

We offer a limited delivery service from Brockville to Oshawa for customers ordering 400 pounds or more. Outside of this area, we recommend ERB Transport for refrigerated trucking service across Ontario. Email us for more information.

Why does the colour of the feed change?

We like to add beef blood to the mix. If the butcher saves extra blood then the feed appears very red. If we do not have any blood, the feed can be a pale brown colour.

Why does the moisture content change?

The moisture content of the ingredients we buy varies quite a bit. If the ingredients have less moisture, the feed will be drier. If the ingredients have extra moisture, we have no way to remove it.

Should I drain off the bloody moisture?

No! The blood and moisture are part of the food. Your dog should have all of it.

Where does the food come from?

All the ingredients come from slaughter facilities inspected by federal or provincial agents. Anything not required for human consumption is sent out of these facilities to become animal food.

Should I cook it?

We believe your dog will get the best possible nutrition from the feed just as it is. You may cook it if you wish but it is not necessary.

How do I use it?

Most of our customers move a portion of the frozen feed into a sealed container and put it in the refrigerator in the evening. It is ready for feeding the next day. As the feed thaws it usually turns into a thick stew. A few customers feed the frozen portions to their dogs. **Please Note – take extra care to keep the dog food away from human food and thoroughly wash your hands after touching it**

My dog liked your feed at first but does not want to eat it anymore?

We understand that your dog may not always want our feed. If you have any problems, please contact us to return the unused portion for a full refund or replacement.

How long will it keep?

As long as our feed is kept frozen at -20C or below, we believe its nutritional value remains unchanged. We recommend that customers buy no more than 30 days supply at a time.